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Đây là giáo trình và tài liệu hướng dẫn của các công ty đào tạo lớn cho các nhân viên chuyên về thiết kế lấy các chứng chỉ thiết kế hàng đầu thế giới từ SolidWorks như CSWP hoặc CSWE. Nếu bạn cũng có tham vọng lấy được chứng chỉ chuyên gia này mà không cần phải bỏ ra đến vài ngàn đô la cho các khóa học thì đây là lựa chọn tối ưu. Tuy nhiên nếu tự học phải biết cách sắp xếp thời gian cũng như nghiêm túc trong việc học.

Nội dung tài liệu

  • Ngôn ngữ: English
  • Chất lượng: 800x640
  • Dung lượng: 12,3 Gb
  • Giá: 200.000 VND
  • Mục lục:

DriveWorksXpress – Hands-on Design Automation
Allowing SolidWorks to Perform
Automation Techniques Pick One…. or Two
Basics of API PropertyManager Page
Integrating Solidworks into Our Middle and High Schools
Dimensioning and Tolerancing Using GDT – The Minimalist Approach
Manage Custom Properties Anywhere Why Where and How
Sketching -Tips and Tricks
eDrawings – Collaborate More Effectively
Guiding Your Engineering Department to the Next Level
Utilizing Mold Tools and Other Techniques for Better Mold Design
Advanced Weldment Techniques in Large-Scale Live Theater
DraftSight Support Tools
API Jump-Start
Assembling for Motion Simulation
Overview of Environmental Regulations
Development and Assessment of Finite Element Active Learning Modules
PLM-in-a-Box Enterprise PLM Solution
The Design Process UAV Prototype Using SolidWorks and Dimension 3D Printers
Industry Support with SolidWorks at Boise State University
Maximizing Your SolidWorks Productivity
SolidWorks Routing – Easier Than You Thought
Visual Computing Redefining the SolidWorks Workstation for Productivity
Effective Use of the Hole Wizard
Property Tab Builder
Connecting the Design Dots with SolidWorks Simulation Sustainability and Costing
SolidWorks Certification the Circle of Life
Get with the Program API for 3DVIA Composer
Advanced Surfacing Techniques
Master Model for Everyone Part 1
Create Interactive Animations in 3DVIA Composer
SIMULIA Next Generation Realistic Simulation
SolidWorks and Anarks Rapid Move to 3D Model-based Definition and 3D PDF TDPs
Evaluating Component Cost Reduction Options Using SolidWorks Simulation
Using SolidWorks to Manage a Tier 1 Automotive Program
File References- Where Did It Go
Introduction to SolidWorks Costing
SolidWorks Costing Design for Cost and Automate Quoting
A Day in the Lifecycle of a Project at Polychem Systems
The Wonderful Wizard of FeatureWorks
Experience nFuze for SolidWorks
Advanced Vault Customization and Add-ins for SolidWorks Enterprise PDM Vaults
Rapid 3D Reconstruction and Interaction with Microsoft Kinect
Break through Development Barriers with Dell Precision� and NVIDIA� Maximus�
The Virtual Flowbench
Configuration Publisher Creating Model Variations Fast
Manage Your Thermal Challenges with Success
Present and Document Your Products in a Whole New Way with 3DVIA Composer
Modeling Considerations for Design Automation � from Sales to Manufacturing
Newer Drawing Functionality
Weldments From A to Z
Surfacing 101 Getting Started with Surfaces
Gaming the System – Tricky Tricks for Modeling and Editing
Expanded Guide to Plastic Part Design-Rel.5.0
Pocket Guide to Plastic Part Design-Rel.5.0
Project-based Learning with SolidWorks
SolidWorks Tips for HybridElectric Vehicle Design
SolidWorks Templates 101 – Parts Assemblies and Drawings
Design to Manufacture – Utilizing Solidworks and Additive Manufacturing
Creating Routing Content to Speed Your Designs (PipingElectricalTubing)
Large Design Review (SW2012) — Tips and Tricks During the Design Process
Making Your 3D Models Ready for the Sales Department
Pipe Routes Welds Drawings Weld Tables — Putting It All Together
Setting a Sustainable Product Strategy with SolidWorks Sustainability
The Microsoft Platform for 3D and PLM
A New Design Flow for Piping
Enterprising SolidWorks Enterprise PDM with Web Services
Automate Your Design with Equations
Surfaces Handy Little Helpers for Machine Design
Sheet Metal Design Secrets � Enclosure Design
Tables Templates and Libraries
CAD Manager Survival Guide
SolidWorks Animation Basic Motion and Motion Analysis – What When How
SolidWorks Motion – Basics
d4AM Design for Additive Manufacturing
DraftSight UI Customization
Sharing Assemblies without Giving It All Away
SolidWorks Motion � Concepts Tips and Tricks
Chaos vs. Control The Use of Templates in Your SolidWorks Enterprise PDM Environment
Advanced Sheet Metal Techniques
Optimizing Computer Systems for SolidWorks
ECxs in Your SolidWorks Enterprise PDM
How Dispatch Changed My Vault
SolidWorks Mates Tips Tricks and Common Sense
Weldments Do They Have to Be Welded
VSTA and SolidWorks Enterprise PDM – Powerful Solutions
VSTA – Taking the Training Wheels Off
Move It � Move It � Move It Motion Drivers for Animations
Smoke and Mirrors � Tips Tricks and Techniques for Better Animations
Optimizing Machines with SolidWorks Motion and SolidWorks Simulation
Flow Simulation Advanced Methods
Publishing 3DVIA Composer Content
How to Build and Maintain Effective Design Tables
Deploying and Administrating SolidWorks in a Multi-User Environment

SolidWorks Add-Ins What Are They and What Do They Do
Approaches for Collaborating on Designs
Secrets of File Management
Surfacing Tricks for Solid Modelers
Dynamic Analysis of Large Structures
Staying on Track with the Design Checker
Weldment From Start to Finish and Everything in the Middle
Basics of T-SQL and Reporting
SolidWorks Enterprise PDM Dispatch
Using XML Documents in SolidWorks Enterprise PDM
SolidWorks Simulation Concepts Tips and Tricks
SolidWorks Enterprise PDM Integration Best Practices
Goldmember 99 Must-Know Methods and Properties of the SolidWorks API
Taking Macros to the People – Hands-On for Beginners

Enhance Your SolidWorks Productivity with a 3D Mouse
Maximizing Your Efficiency with 3DContentCentral
Welded Structures from Proper Implementation Pit Falls to Drawings
Document Reference Validation Tool
ENOVIA Collaborative Design for SolidWorks Overview
Enabling Data Exchange between SolidWorks and SAPERP
Dumb Solids – Make Them Your Friend in SolidWorks
Top 10 Tips to Utilize Design Study
Programmingless Design Automation for Complex Products
Leveraging the Power of SolidWorks Enterprise PDM to AEC Market
Different Customization Approaches and Options for SolidWorks Enterprise PDM
License and Registration Please
My Favorite 20 Tips and Tricks
DraftSight Demonstration
DraftSight for the SolidWorks User
Advanced MotionManager Techniques
Introduction to the SolidWorks MotionManager
Help Yourself�to a Whole Lot of User Assistance
Drag Drop Snap Smile (New and Improved)
Advanced Customization Techniques in SolidWorks
TolAnalyst and DimXpert A Perfect Fit for Tolerancing and Stack-up Analysis
Using Sketch Blocks for Designing Mechanical Assemblies
Managing Large Assemblies and Drawings
Part Modeling Best Practices
Automating DriveWorks with the DriveWorks and SolidWorks APIs
Automating Powerful Output Documents with DriveWorks and SolidWorks
Hands-on Look at SolidWorks Enterprise PDM Search and Copy Tree
Tips and Tricks – Mastercam in Your Classroom
SolidWorks Administration – The Things DS SolidWorks Doesnt Tell You About
Introduction to the SolidWorks Enterprise PDM API
Tips and Strategies for Large Automation Projects
SolidWorks for IT
Bring Your Machine CAD Model to Life with Simulation
Introduction to Administrative Image
SolidWorks Drawing Automation without Programming
SolidWorks Tips and Tricks You Need to Know
Design Automation for Today and the Future
PhotoView 360 Technical Tips and Tricks
Best Practices for Leveraging 3D CAD Data across the Enterprise
SolidWorks Add-ins Extending the Solution
Tuning Your Workstation to Get the Best Out of SolidWorks
Moving from Point FEA Solutions to Simulation-driven Design
Streamlining Electrical Design and Validation with SolidWorks
The Impact of SolidWorks on Technology Education in Ireland
Applying Excel as a SolidWorks Calculation Engine
Automating Analysis with the API
Best of SolidWorks Tips and Tricks 2012
What�s Old with SolidWorks 2012
Basics of FEA
Intro to Routing (Piping and Tubing Only)
Intro to SolidWorks Mold Tools
3D TDPs for the DoD
Using SolidWorks Fastening Features for Plastic Design
Working with Imported Geometry
Linking ECAD and MCAD with the ProStep EDMD Format
Lights Camera Action Using PhotoView 360 and SolidWorks Motion for Animation Creation
PhotoView 360 Instant Images
Electrical Routing Hands-on
IAW ASME Y14.5 – Use It Only if You Know It
Effective Use of SolidWorks Tools – Getting It Right the First Time
Preempting SolidHeadaches
Building PropertyManager Interfaces to Configure Your Models
Advanced Simulation Techniques Using SolidWorks Motion
The Beginners Guide to Nonlinear Analysis
Weldment Analysis with SolidWorks Simulation
Design Automation through Design Tables
Experience SolidWorks Enterprise PDM Administration and Configuration Tools
PV360 2Fast 2Furious
Using CircuitWorks to Bring PCB Designs into SolidWorks
Implement SolidWorks Enterprise PDM in a Day
Large Assembly Managment – Tips and Tricks
3DVIA Composer Hands-on Tips and Tricks and Version 6 Release 2012x Feature Review
Communicating 3D Technical Product Information with 3DVIA Composer
30+ Things That YOU Definitely Missed from Essentials
Tips and Tricks 2012 Getting Top Performance from Your DesktopLaptop
Composing a SolidWorks Symphony
The SolidWorks Installation Manager
Plant Design – An Integrated Approach
Better Faster Sketching
Faster Modeling
Weld Bead 101 – yyyyyThe Quick and Dirty Wayyyyyy
SolidWorks Best Practices – Why I Do It Like This
SolidWorks Sheet Metal – Why I Do It Like This
Interdisciplinary Workflow in Mechatronic Projects
Sneak Peek – What is Up Next for Intel Xeon-based Workstations
Flow Simulation � Concepts Tips and Tricks
Your First Steps with Flow Simulation
Workstation vs. Desktop Making the Switch


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